Being a parent can be deeply wonderful and horribly frustrating. We want to be the best parents we can be but we just can't work out what our children want from us. 

The Circle of Security® Parenting™ programme is a highly regarded  and well-established parenting model that helps parents better know how to establish a healthy connection with their children. It provides us with a map to understand our children's behaviour by looking at their emotional needs.

We are sometimes so focused on meeting their physical demands that we miss their emotional needs. However, research shows that our children are more likely to behave when their emotional needs are met.

Circle of Security® Parenting™ is designed for parents or carers of babies or children of pre-school and primary age but is also relevant for older children and teenagers - therefore suitable for those working in childcare and education.

This course will run over 7 sessions, each building on the previous one.

Each week we will watch a short DVD and with the use of printed material and our collective personal experience, we discuss the topic.

This course is presented by two registered Circle of Security Parenting ™ facilitators and the group will typically comprise of 8-12 people. Refreshments will be provided. Regrettably, the course is not suitable for babies/children to be in attendance. At present we are not able to provide childcare and understand that this can be difficult. We would however, encourage parents to make arrangements in order to invest time in this valuable course.

Places on the course can be booked on the shop page of our website. Enquiries can be submitted using the form below.


Tuesday Daytime course now full.


(Previously men only, now open to all!)
2 day-long sessions, 10am-4pm
2 & 9 Feb 2019


We will be running more soon! Keep your eyes peeled for more information,


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