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What kind of training input will I get?

Our content is based on five themes: vision and discernment; leading and teams;

formation and core practices; planting and discipling; growth and multiplication. Each gathering is based on one of those themes and online learning topics are categorised accordingly.

How much time does this require?

The journey of planting a church, especially when someone is bi-vocational, can be very intense. We have designed the programme to be lightweight so you can do it alongside church. We anticipate that in each six months of the programme you will:

  1. attend the gathering (two days);

  2. carry out online learning (8-12hrs);

  3. have mentoring meetings (3-4hrs);

  4. have a supervision meeting with the hub leader (1hr).

There will be some additional onboarding activities that need to be done (e.g. safeguarding training, online induction event, etc.).

What happens at the gatherings?

We start off by having lunch together. Then we have an afternoon programme of worship input, reflection and team time, during which teams reflect on the input and then start making plans for their new church community. In the evening we will have dinner and some social time together, where we hope that relationships will be built between teams. On the second day after breakfast we have a full morning learning programme, followed by lunch, followed by an afternoon learning programme and the opportunity to pray together. We will finish at 4:30pm.

Are the gatherings in person or online?

We made the decision to hold the gatherings in person at a central location, to make it accessible to as many as possible. We believe that the in-person experience for the gatherings is far better than an online experience as it encourages more interaction between teams and enables us to more readily facilitate conversations, share learning and build relationships.

When are the gatherings?

The All Saints Myriad Hub Dates are set for: 19-21st May 2023, 17-19th Nov, 17-19th May 2024, 22-24 Nov 2024 & 16-18th May 2025, however the format and timings of the weekend will be confirmed in due course.

Do we have to arrange our own accommodation?

Yes – details of local hotels / travel lodges will be supplied.

I don’t drive – how do I get there?

All Saints is well serviced by tube & bus routes (Woodford & South Woodford on the Central Line).

I can’t attend one of the gatherings. Is that a problem?

We ask that the lay church planter attends all of the gatherings and the dates are available via the gathering information so that you can put them in your diary.

How many people are in a team?

We anticipate that a team is usually between three and five people, and no fewer than two.

My team is changing, do they have to commit to each gathering?

Ideally your team comes to each gathering as this is a team-based experience. However, we recognise that teams can sometimes change with new people joining and others leaving. It is helpful to recognise that people starting later will have less familiarity with the environment and materials, than those who have journeyed from the beginning.

Do all my team need to fill out the application form?

No – only the lay planter needs to fill out the application form.

I want to attend but I don’t have a team yet, will I still be accepted?

We recognise that people at the beginning of their planting journey may not have a team around them yet. We do though expect every planter to bring along at least one other person with them to the first gathering, and then to be building a team that will attend from gathering two onwards. By team we envisage two to three people in total, but more may be possible.

Do I have to find my own mentor?

The hub team will partner with you to find an appropriate mentor. This will be someone we have confidence in and has fulfilled safer recruitment requirements. If you know someone that might be suited as your mentor, then do let us know. Usually a mentor is different to an oversight minister.

I started my church a year ago. Can I still apply?

Yes – we encourage people to apply if they are still in the early stages of church planting. We have designed the content to be applicable to both those who have already started as well as those yet to start.

Is this just for those in the Church of England?

We are happy to accept applications from any denomination. Our requirement is that each lay planter must be supported by an oversight minister and this will usually be the recognised leader of the sending church (ordained if within the Church of England).

What is the difference between this and ordination?

Ordination is a deeper and longer journey into church leadership within major denominations. It normally includes a period of discernment, preparation, training and placement (often over a number of years). The learning pathway provided by the Resource Hub is not an alternative to ordination but is intended to equip lay leaders who minister with the guidance and support of ordained ministers. Participants in the resource hub will be equipped with the basic skills needed to lead a new church community, under the oversight of an ordained leader, where the outcome is that you will be a recognised but not an ordained leader.

How do I know I am called to plant a church?

This isn’t always easy – the support of praying friends and your church leader will be important.

Do have a look at our guide “Am I called?” as this may help your own discernment  

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