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Can I get married at All Saints'?


The Church of England has an extensive website ( where you will find answers to most of your questions regarding marriage. These guidelines will have been adapted by individual churches to suit their own particular style and we encourage you to call us for further information about being married here at All Saints’.


All couples wishing to get married at All Saints’ are expected to attend our marriage preparation weekend. These weekends are designed to help couples think about their wedding and married life, as well as provide an opportunity to meet our clergy and other couples in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Please use the contact form below for more information.

Can I be baptised at All Saints'?


We regularly baptise adults by full immersion at our 6.30pm service. Beforehand, we would love to invite you to come along to an Alpha or Life Course. Baptism is an amazing act of obedience, a public declaration of your faith in Jesus, a symbol of dying to your old life, and a resurrection into the new.

Can I have my baby baptised at All Saints'?


Yes. We would encourage you to have your children baptised at All Saints’. If you live outside of the parish we would also encourage you to consider your local church as it enables you and baby to establish the friendships and contacts that are so important at this stage.

At the baptism of your baby you, as parents, are making a public decision to start him/her on the journey of faith, asking for the church's support. You will be asked to declare publicly on behalf of your child that you believe in God and that you will bring your child up to follow Jesus.

We also offer a service of blessing and thanksgiving for the gift of your baby. Baptism can follow at a later date if either you or your child wants to make a commitment of faith.


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