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Hi and welcome to the All Saints Myriad Hub (ASMH).


We are excited to partner with Myriad, part of the Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication (CCX) to offer an amazing opportunity for those inspired and called to lead and develop new lay-led worshipping communities in their local area.

Marcus Giddy - Hub Leader

This new hub is a fantastic resource to equip lay church planters in Essex, East London and beyond in growing small teams to develop new church communities.


Over two and half years, the All Saints Myriad Hub will provide you with a range of key tools to accompany you and your teams as you journey with us and seek to plant, establish and grow communities of faith in your local area.


Each lay planter will be supported by an oversight minister and this will usually be the recognised leader of the sending church (ordained if within the Church of England).


“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you." (Psalm 32:8)

Who is the HUB aimed at

It is a place for anyone who feels called to start a new church community as part of the life of their church but isn’t ordained.


You may not yet have worked out what it looks like and would benefit from gathering with other like-minded people to discover how to go about it. Or you may have recently started a new church community, say in the last 12 months, and find that you need training and support.


All we ask is that if you decide to explore this further, your application is supported by your vicar or the leader of your sending church.

When will the HUB run

The All Saints Myriad Hub Dates are:

  • 2023:  Nov 17-19

  • 2024:  May 17-19; Nov 22-24

  • 2025:  May 16-18

(the format and timings of the weekend will be confirmed in due course)

Each gathering will include eating together, worship, input, reflection and team time; reflecting on the input and working together discussing plans for your new church community.


There will also be space for social time and the development of relationships. Plus, a full day's learning programme, ending the time together in prayer.

What will the HUB offer

Our aim is to provide a safe space where you can grow and develop as a team.  We want to provide you and your team with some useful tools you need to form new worshipping communities. Take a look at this great video for more information.

The hub offers a learning pathway with learning based on five themes:

  • vision and discernment;

  • leading and teams;

  • formation and core practices;

  • planting and discipling

  • growth and multiplication.


This programme is designed to be lightweight and can be done alongside church and a busy life. Over the two and half years, we anticipate each six months will include:

  1. attendance at one gathering (two days);

  2. engage with online learning (8-12hrs);

  3. have mentoring meetings (3-4hrs);

  4. have a supervision meeting with the hub leader (1hr).


There will also be some additional preparatory activities such as safeguarding training and online induction.

Statements of Support for the HUB

The Rt Revd Lynne Cullens, Bishop of Barking

Rev Lynne Cullens.jpg

The Resource Hub for Lay Planters is a gift, not only to the churches of the Barking Area but to the whole of the Diocese of Chelmsford. I’m enormously grateful to the Woodford Wells MMU and Myriad for bringing this resource to us. I encourage parishes and worshipping communities, across the rich breadth of traditions we have here, to look closely at what the hub might offer to their context.  I pray with great hope that Myriad’s track record and experience in nurturing missional growth, will be a blessing to our churches and the communities they serve.

The Revd Rob Merchant, Dean of Mission and Ministry, Diocese of Chelmsford

Rob Merchant.jpg

I am delighted that the Woodford Wells MMU and Myriad are bringing this valuable resource to churches across Chelmsford Diocese.  Working with the guidance and support of clergy and other leaders in our church communities, lay led church planting can play an important part in our mission to grow the church in our local communities. My hope is that the Resource Hub will help to network, train and develop lay ministers from parishes of wide-ranging traditions and contexts across our three episcopal areas. The Myriad team will bring with them significant learning and experience from lay led planting which will be of great value.


Much has been said and written about the role of lay led church plants, some of which reflects a misunderstanding about the value they bring. This is not about replacing existing forms of ministry but is one of a number of ways that parishes might seek to grow the church in their own context alongside, in conjunction with and under the guidance of their clergy.  


I’m enormously grateful to both the Woodford Wells MMU and Myriad for the gift of this resource hub as a two year pilot which comes at no cost to our Diocese. I encourage you to explore whether it may have something to offer your own parish and context.

Next Steps

If you are interested, then please do contact Marcus Giddy, Hub Leader,  who will be happy to answer any questions you have, and do check out our FAQs.

It's not too late to find out about Myriad, follow the link that appears in the video to get more information and how you can sign up.

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