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WTC provides an amazing opportunity for followers of Jesus to be envisioned, encouraged and equipped, and make a kingdom difference in the world. 

WTC courses are designed to equip the whole people of God for life, work, and mission in the real world. All our courses are part-time and designed to fit around busy lives. We have top quality teaching faculty who serve on the front lines of business, ministry, and mission around the world. Our classes provide you with foundations in Scripture, spiritual life, Christian beliefs, church history, personal formation, mission, and leadership, and always with a concern for the gritty and complex realities of the real world.


At WTC, we’ve worked hard to reimagine the classroom experience around our vision to bring together the best of academic scholarship and the vibrant life of the Spirit. Our classes are places of theological depth and invitation for the Spirit, and our teachers are there to help you make the connection between all of life and the Kingdom of God.


Josh Green, Hub Director 

I started my WTC journey as a student back in 2017. I found the whole experience so fantastic, from the residentials, being taught by the best scholars to the incredible support given by all who work for WTC. I loved it so much that I have come back in the role of Hub director!
I have always been local to the North East London Hub and I have a huge passion for Jesus and what He is doing in our area and I firmly believe that WTC is part of this work!


If you would like to go deeper in your knowledge of the Bible, find out more about who God says you are, have a loving and supportive community to support you while being ministered to by the Holy Spirit and grow deeper in your walk with Jesus… I would love to sit down and talk with you about WTC and what we can offer over a great coffee!

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